Early Signs to Spot Dementia

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If you’re concerned about dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, either for a family member or yourself, we’re here with some sage advice. Early detection allows doctors to slow, or even sometimes halt, dementia’s progress.

So what’s our SAGE advice?

Try the at-home screening test developed by researchers at Ohio State University called the Self-Administered Gerocognitive Exam or S.A.G.E.

This simple test (Google “OSU SAGE” to download) only takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete and was designed to detect early signs of cognitive impairment.

Another early sign of Alzheimer’s?

Your nose. The part of the brain that controls smell is often affected in the early stages of the disease. If you notice you or your senior loved one having trouble picking up fragrances or odors, talk to your doctor.

And whatever your age or family history, remember, staying engaged and curious, socializing with family and friends, getting 10,000 steps a day or the equivalent, doing “speed of processing” games like BrainHQ’s Double Decision and sticking with brain-healthy nutrition helps protect your brain. 

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