Outdoor Activities Seniors and Caregivers Can Enjoy

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Getting out of the house to enjoy some outdoor activities with the senior in your life is easier than you might think. Any doctor will tell you that getting outdoors is good for all of us. Sunshine carries significant vitamins and other benefits that affect mood, balance and overall health. Want to know more?

The Benefits of Getting Outside

One of the main benefits of spending short times outdoors is simply getting some sunshine. Vitamin D is boosted by sunlight and that helps brain function, muscle strength, and even bone health. Many doctors actually prescribe Vitamin D as part of a treatment plan, so why not just get outside rather than pop another pill?

Being outdoors also gives seniors the chance to socialize, meet new people, take pets for a walk, etc. In short, being outside is excellent for mood and emotional stability!

Outdoor Activities

Try doing things that your senior loved one has always enjoyed, such as gardening or walking. You may even find new hobbies that would interest them. Keep in mind that if it gets too hot, they may need to limit their time outside and make sure they have plenty of water. Here are some other ideas:

  • Go see the grandkids playing. 

Kids love having their family there to watch them play! It always boosts the self-confidence in children to have their parents or grandparents there to watch! Sometimes watching children playing in the park or playground can be very uplifting for seniors as they reminisce about their happy childhood memories.

  • Find a fun place to eat.

Try a restaurant you’ve never been to and help your loved one try something new. They may find a favorite new food!

  • Take a nice stroll. 

You might have to start short and build up, but it’s good exercise and a great way to spend quality time together.

  • Visit some animals. 

This might be nothing more than putting a birdhouse up and sitting outside to enjoy the birds. Or, it might be a trip to the zoo or animal shelter. Playing with puppies or kittens is a wonderful way to boost mood and happiness!

  • Have a Picnic. 

This can be a wonderful way to spend time together. It can be at the beach or even a nice park nearby. Pack some simple food and be sure to pick a shady area and bring lots of water.

Other Outdoor Ideas Seniors Might Enjoy:

• Go watch the fireworks.

• Go out for a special treat like ice cream or coffee.

You know your loved one best, so try doing things you know they will love. As always, ask them for their own ideas! Let them play a vital part in what you do. Most of them will tell you if you will only ask.

We hope this gives you some inspiring ideas to enjoy the great outdoors with the senior in your life!

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