We have a pool of local nurses, registered with the Singapore Nursing Board, who can provide private nursing to support your elderly loved one at home on a short-term, hourly basis. You can expect our local nurses to be highly experienced with strong communication skills. Typical engagements for hourly home care include:
  • Home care after being discharged from the hospital and while waiting for a full-time caregiver or nurse to arrive.
  • Post-operative recovery assignments (4 to 8 weeks).
  • Hourly support for patients with Cancer, Respiratory Disease etc.
  • Relief care when your full-time caregiver or nurse has gone on annual leave or is away for the day.
Our local nurses can perform certain procedures in the comfort of one’s home without having to make frequent trips to medical facilities.
We can assist you with a respite nurse with the right set of skills and experience to best care for your loved one’s condition.

Call us at our 24/7 hotline +65 6650 8684.

You can choose from our hourly, half-day or full-time bundles below or speak to us for flexible arrangements.

HourlyHalf-dayFull DayFull Week
BundleMin 2 hours/day
for 50 hours
5 hours a day
for 10 half-days
10 hours a day
for 5 full days
10 hours a day
for 6 days a week
Hourly CostS$40S$25S$24S$23
Extras on Sundays, Night time or Public HolidaysNo extra costAdditional
S$5 per hour
Ad hoc visits by a local registered nurse range from $90 to $150. Kindly take note that our local respite nurses may provide light housekeeping for the care recipient, however, this does not extend to anyone else in the household.

Call us at +65 6650 8684 for assistance.